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We’re here to help you get the most from your efforts – take a look at the following charity fundraising ideas, hints and tips to get you started!

Whether you want to fundraise with friends, your work colleagues, family, or classmates or on your own. Join Team Hand in Hand to help us achieve our vision of supporting families in Ireland with a childhood cancer diagnosis. Whatever you do, raising money for Hand in Hand will directly help provide practical and emotional support services to families in Ireland with a childhood cancer diagnosis.

If you would like to speak to someone about fundraising, please contact Caroline at caroline.oconnor@handinhand.ie or call 0873295395.

Types of Fundraising

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Or contact Caroline at caroline.oconnor@handinhand.ie

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Fundraising Resources

For fundraising resources, such as our logo and branding, PR and media support, please contact Caroline at caroline.oconnor@handinhand.ie

Tips for Fundraising

Get Social
It’s been proven that sharing your fundraising efforts with your friends and family (or whoever is sponsoring you) helps you to raise more money, so regular updates in various formats shared across your social channels can remind people who haven’t donated yet to grab their wallet, encourage people to interact with you about your fundraiser, offer support and of course show how hard you’ve been working to train in preparation for your challenge or event.  A friendly reminder to use hashtags where you can and tag those who are keen to follow your journey and be your biggest supporters. Remember to share in your most used Whatsapp groups too, as updates can  often get lost in people's social media feeds.

Go Live
Share  lots of pictures of yourself in training, having fun and getting into the challenge or event, as this increases donations and helps people feel connected to what you’re up to. Videos or live streaming parts of your challenge work especially well for this and give you the opportunity to show your personality and connection to the cause.

Let people know why you've supported Hand in Hand
Telling your story and talking about why you have nominated Hand in Hand Children's Cancer Charity is a certain way to help people to understand your motivation to support our work and is also guaranteed to increase donations to your page. You can also include the below information about who we are and what we do:Hand in Hand Children's Cancer Charity provides practical and emotional supports to children and their families who are affected by childhood cancer . They provide household cleaning, laundry services, family meal delivery, play therapy and counselling supports.

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