Our Ambassadors

Gavin Thornbury

I saw the unbelievable work that Hand in Hand were doing up close with one of the coaches I worked with a number of years ago, so once the opportunity to help out came up I was delighted to come on board in anyway that was possible.

Professional rugby player and Hand in Hand Ambassador

Diarmuid Kilgallon

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to be an ambassador for Hand in Hand. This became very apparent almost immediately after meeting Caroline, Mark and Denise when I learned about the incredible work Hand in Hand do for families in extraordinary circumstances.

When this mission is paired with the vision of seeing every family with a child who has been diagnosed with cancer, being provided with a tailor made package to support them, I see a truly special charity making a real difference and I am proud to be able to contribute to this in whichever way I can.

Professional rugby player and Hand in Hand Ambassador

Caitlin Doherty

My name is Caitlin Doherty. I am 21 years  old born and raised in Galway.

In 2006, aged two years old,  I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Due to my treatment being based in Crumlin Hospital in Dublin, my Mum and Dad realised the importance of being there for me but also the awareness of the support they will need throughout this journey. With this on their mind, my mum ( Karen Doherty) and a few of her friends decided to create a charity, to help aid other families who were in a similar position,  called CD’s Helping Hands, which is now known as Hand in Hand.

Even though I was so young, I remember so much of my treatment, along with lots of fundraiser as well as meeting other kids who were in a similar position. These memories created a positive atmosphere surrounding my diagnosis and created a sense of normality. I have only happy memories of my childhood.

Growing up helping other families and being in a position where I was constantly cared for enabled me to develop a sense of wanting to give back. Flash forward to now, I am a second year student Paediatric Nurse at the University of Birmingham, hoping to specialise in oncology as well as aiding children with learning disabilities.